carter high


All rise.
Judge Kendall presiding.
You may be seated.
all the evidence in this case
indicates to me
that your true motive
was the most common
of all motives for crime,
and that is greed.
And despite all of the media
and public attention
that this trial has received,
today, here in my courtroom,
you are nothing more than
a bunch of common criminals.
And for that reason,
I intend to make it
very clear here today
that even rising star athletes
are not above the law.
When I call your name,
would you please stand?
Rodney O
DJ Joe Cooley
Ba... Ba... Ba-Ba...
Bass, bass
Ba... Ba-Ba...
Ba-Ba... bass
Yeah, yeah
Ba... Ba... bass
The bass that's in your face
sho'nuff shrugs your face
Just like you got sprayed
by a can of Mace
You see your speaker
is movin'
Everybody is groovin'
My song moves along...
What's up, D?
What you getting into tonight?
Man, you a fool.
I can't believe
we tied that game tonight, man.
Shit, I feel like we lost.
That'll be two dollars, dawg.
Man, nah, dawg,
that was a tie, man.
Break yo' self, fool.
Man, your ass
play around too much.
Always trying
to act like a gangster.
Thanks, dawg.
Man, what... what you doing?
Come on, dude.
Thanks, dawg.
- Make the ladies say
- Oh
- King of my
- Castle
- Causing much
- Pain
You dumb shrimp wimps,
it's you I tame
So to the R to the O
to the...
Freddie... it was just a tie.
Ah. Good game this weekend.
- It was a tie.
- See, that was good, though.
That should keep...
people's focus.
How do we get a tie, anyway?
Well, the, uh, score
we had and the score
the other team had was the same.
Now, I know...
your blind ass
ain't trying to be funny.
All right, y'all settle down,
everybody take a seat.
When the bell rings I will
pass out your
weekly grade reports.
- Derric, stop. No.
Damn, Derric, let's go.
Get off of me.
- Stop. Let's go.
- Stop.
I know you see those people
coming. Let's go.
Mo... Get back.
Let's go.
I'm-a chill here till lunch.
That's in ten minutes.
I'm-a holla at you later.
Piece of my love...
This is the last time.
For real.
Girl, it's true...
Hey, do you know what they're
having for lunch, though?
Baby, you can't have
all of me
'Cause I'm not
totally free...
Jay, you decide on a school yet?
- Not yet.
- Nope.
Come on, fellas,
I need something
for the school paper.
You should be able to see
where they're going with them
thick lenses you got on.
With your blind ass.
What's up?
Oh, it's nothing.
I'll catch up with you later.
All right, cool.
Mr. Bates,
I think you gave me
the wrong grade.
All right.
Well, let's see.
Here we go.
Yeah, see, here it is.
Uh, the third week
you failed to complete
a homework assignment,
so I've given you an NC.
- A what?
- NC. It simply
stands for, uh, "not complete".
So, I didn't get a grade
for the homework?
Athletes don't get
special treatment in my class.
I did the homework.
But you didn't complete it.
I just wanted you to know
that whenever Derric is late
it is for
a legitimate reason, okay?
- Whenever Derric's late?
- Yes, whenever Derric is late.
- Well, Ms... -I don't...
Hey, Gary. How you doing?
- How you doing, Ms. Evans?
- Oh, I'm doing just fine.
Hey, let Derric know that
I handled that for him, okay?
- Okay. -Let him know
that the money is under
- the bread box, all right?
- Yes, ma'am.
- Gotcha.
- All right. Well, I'll see you.
- All righty.
- Okay. Bye, now.
Okay, so are we good?
I mean, do you need
a note from me or something?
Coach, they didn't have tuna
so I got you turkey.
With peanuts on the side.
I ain't eat peanuts
since my days at PV.
Yeah, bad luck, right?
Oh, no, no, I heard.
Hey, remember...
when I hired you and you claimed
to be an offensive coordinator?
Yeah, you said, "I sure hope you
know how to stop a good offense,
because you're now
my defensive coordinator."
Look, Coach, I know
we can't expect to give up
24 points and win the game.
- And defense... -And defense
wins championships. I know.
Coach James, please report
to the principal's office
But do you know why?
Oh, good afternoon, Coach James.
How you doing?
Just fine.
Never expected to see
that tie this past weekend.
Um, you know, a Dallas team
hasn't won state
in football since...
Have a good one, Coach.
Okay, who started it?
I said
who started it?
It was a accident, Coach.
So, how are you gonna
start a food fight?
I thought you was
talking about
the fire alarm earlier.
All right.
Come on, I don't have all day.
What's up, Coach?
See you watching game film.
Look... I just
wanted to apologize
for the whole
food fight incident
and apologize
for me and the other teammates.
do you know why we, um,
study game film?
To find our mistakes.
See what we do well
and where we need
to find the tendencies
of our opponent,
good or bad.
don't have the, uh,
luxury to rewind your life.
So make good choices
the first time.
Any word back
on that summer incident?
Not yet.
But you did do the homework?
Yes, sir.
And you didn't get
a grade for it?
As for now, I got a zero.
Mr. Russeau,
I think it would be best
if we have Gary taken out
of Mr. Bates' class
before it's too late.
Well, now, we got a policy
about letting students
transfer out of classes.
Especially this late
in the six weeks.
I definitely understand,
but I'm asking you, please,
to make an exception
under the circumstances.
W-Wait a minute,
where your money at, homeboy?
I got something
better than that.
What the hell is that?
- Get out of jail free card.
- Hey, let me get one...
- Shoot the damn...
- Keep your voice down.
Shoot the dice.
All day.
Come on, dawg.
Are you gonna shoot the dice
or blow the damn dice?
- Shit. -Same... same stuff,
every time. -
Pass this, come on.
Mmm, mmm, mmm.
Now, come on.
Man, swing it my way.
You got love for me, PK.
- Cool, cool.
- You can have it.
Now, don't get scared now.
What you shootin' for?
I got five on it right here.
Nine, my point.
Nine. I see that.
I like nine.
Get up, Derric.
My bad, Coach.
Your bad?
Your bad?
Yes, sir.
Haven't I told y'all?
You do not shoot craps
in my locker room.
For all y'all
who was shooting craps,
y'all grab the dice
and roll for your points.
Say, Coach,
I-I was just watching.
Oh, you was just watching?
Well, I'm-a cut you a break.
For those who're just watching,
y'all roll one dice.
Uh-uh, uh-uh, Derric.
Get your ass over there,
assume the position.
Jessie, we've been watching you
practice. So, what makes you
all so good as a team,
besides your speed, of course?
I'd say our discipline, 'cause
soon as those lights come on,
only goal that we focus on
is getting it done.
- Blue 80. Blue 80.
- 20, 20.
What makes us so good? Me.
All we know is my speed...
That's 100 miles per hour.
Nah, let me stop playing.
Everything we do,
we compete. Every time
we touch this football field,
we compete, compete, compete.
No, we don't take it easy
during practice.
I mean, Coach wants us to,
but, uh, no.
We too busy trying
to knock each other's heads off.
Don't show your coverage!
Don't show your coverage!
All right.
There he is. There he is.
Hey! Hey, now!
What if somebody gets hurt?
Hurt, somebody else step up.
That's the way it go.
And that's it.
All right, all right,
bring it in.
Bring it in.
Yo, it's game time, come on,
lit like gasoline
- Come on. - Come on, they ain't
got the right frame of mind
They ain't even got
the athletes
Does the star shine bright
on the Friday night lights...
Listen to me.
Nothing worth having...
is gonna be easy.
You just can't show up
and think, "That's it."
Ain't nothing free, fellas.
Now it may appear that way,
but don't be deceived.
Coach, you got anything?
Yes, sir, I do.
I'm gonna need my defense
to stay with me
at the closed practice.
- Oh, man. -All right, okay,
okay, all right, listen.
Make sure you stay out
of trouble
and be a leader,
not a follower, all right?
- Yes, sir.
- All right, come on, come on.
- Bring it in. -Bring it in here!
Bring it in here!
All right, "Cowboys" on three.
One, two, three!
Good job.
- Hey, have fun, PK.
- Good luck.
Where are my Cowboys at?
Where are my Cowboys?
Listen up. Listen up. Listen up.
Have y'all ever heard
fans cheering,
"Come on, offense,
hold that line"?
No, sir.
Have you ever heard fans yelling
"Offense! Offense!"?
Or holding some signs
or messing
with some mess like that?
No, sir!
- Derric, what they yell?
- Defense, Coach.
- They yell what?
- Defense!
- They yell what?!
- Defense!
Have you ever heard
"Offense wins championships"?
No, sir!
- Yes. Yes.
- Coach?
Huh? What's up, Rod?
Crowd don't get loud
for the offense.
It's a distraction.
And the quarterback gonna
tell you to be quiet.
- Man... -Oh, no, no, no.
He all right. He all right.
Come-come... come here, Rod.
Come-come here.
Now, you see that fence
down there?
Yes, sir.
I want you to sprint... not jog...
Sprint to that fence
and find me a marble
and do not come back
until you do, you understand me?
Yes, sir.
'Cause your buddies here
are gonna be running
until you get back.
- Oh, man!
- Man! -Coach!
Let's go! On the 50!
- Man.
- You better run, boy!
You won't be starting.
On the 50. Let's go!
Guys, the game is all
about adjustments.
Okay, now we win the game
when we adjust
to what they're gonna do before
they even adjust to it.
It's about adjustments,
goddamn it.
What the hell did he just say?
Man, he talking about
adjustments and adjusting.
- We got to adjust...
- Watch here on this play.
So we can adjust that ass
just like that. -
Hey, come on, y'all! Derric,
what's so important you want to
share with the rest of the team?
Coach, we just over here
talking about adjustments.
All right, let me worry
about the adjustments.
You worry about learning 'em.
All right, I'm gonna let you
all go home early.
What? Early?
Listen, when you guys
go home tonight,
make sure you get some rest.
All right, quit chasing
them girls all night.
There's gonna be plenty of time
for that in college.
All right? Let's go.
You okay?
I think... I'm losing them.
You know, all these years,
I've never seen you take a game
so serious.
It was only a tie, Freddie.
Jessie's parents...
They said he got probation
for stealing that T-shirt.
Football should...
Football is supposed
to build character.
It's got to prepare these boys
for life.
I mean, that's why I do this.
And you are doing a great job.
Well, not if my boys
are stealing T-shirts.
It was during the summer.
Look, you-you can't protect them
All you can do is instill
good morals
in 'em and hope that they stick.
Is that enough?
It's a start.
What about state?
State will take care of itself.
You just make sure these boys
have the best opportunity
they can to further
their education.
For free.
Always want something for free.
Suspect's in a very light
Jeep Wrangler eastbound.
Driver's license
and insurance, please.
Carter High School?
Well, I've been watching y'all
since y'all were freshmen.
Hey, we going
to state this year?
- Oh, no doubt. -For sure.
For sure. -All right.
I'm sure happy to hear that
'cause I'm gonna be
right up front, too.
But, man,
I got to ask you a question.
Now, what happened
with Duncanville?
4-38. 4-38.
We have a robbery in progress
at 1030 West Camp Wisdom.
4-38. Show me
en route, Code 3.
Hey, listen,
I'll holler at y'all.
- Sir.
- Slow this car down.
- Yes, sir. -Going 20 miles
over the speed limit.
- Yes, sir. Thank you. -Good luck
on the game this weekend.
Sir, thank you.
Thank you, sir.
- Hey! -
Cowboys, are you ready?
are you ready?
I said, are you ready?
I said,
are you ready?
I understand that,
but the school improvement
program is set up
to provide a productive
educational opportunity
for these students.
I'm not debating that, sir.
I'm simply saying I've been
using the same grading system
for the last three years.
The school improvement plan
calls for these kids
to get a grade sheet every week.
And I give weekly grade sheets!
There ain't no way in the world
you can give these kids
a grade average
using symbols such as
"NC" s and check marks.
Fuh Dee-oh
- Fuh Dee-oh
- Hey!
- Fuh Dee-oh - Hey!
- Fuh Dee-oh
- Hey!
- Fuh Dee-oh - Hey!
- Fuh Dee-oh
- Hey!
- Fuh Dee-oh - Hey!
- Fuh Dee-oh
- Hey!
- Fuh Dee-oh - Hey!
- Fuh Dee-oh
- Hey!
- Fuh Dee-oh - Hey!
Down center, hut!
That'll be $19.95.
Fo' sho'. All right.
- I got you.
- How y'all want to do it?
- Want to go...
- No, I got that.
Hey, what's up,
fellas? -What's up?
- How's everything going?
- Good. -Good. -Good, man.
Hey, good luck
in them play-offs this year.
- Oh, sure. -For sure.
- My man, my man.
Check this out.
We're gonna do this one
on the house.
- Oh, word? -Oh, man...
- On the house.
- What?
- My man, my man.
- Man, thank you.
- My man, hey.
- Hey, appreciate that, man.
- My man, hey. Appreciate it.
Enjoy. Enjoy.
Hey. Bring us back
that state championship.
- Not a joke! You'll see.
- My man.
Oh-oh-oh, D.W.C.
Oh-oh-oh, D.W.C.
Down, down with the sound
down with the sound
Sound, sound, sound...
Down, down, down
Down with the sound
D-D-Down with the sound
Down, down with the sound
- Sound, sound, sound
- Hey, CC!
Too bad, too bold!
Hey, CC!
There's a place in Dallas
known as Oak Cliff
Where you can tell the raff
from the riff
It's full of them boys
lookin' for the beat...
Too bad, too bold!
Hey, CC!
Too bad, too bold!
What's going on?
They say he failed
his algebra class.
Well, did he?
He said he passed.
Then who said he flunked, then?
The UIL.
What you doin', dawg?
Come here, come check
this out, man. Come here.
- Get up, dawg.
- Man, listen to this right here.
Everybody's talking about it.
If you haven't heard the news
story, the breaking news:
the Carter Cowboys,
they've been disqualified
from the play-offs
for apparently using
an ineligible player.
Now, we're gonna keep you
up to speed and up to date
on the latest information
on the Carter...
I can see it
I can see it
Clear as the summer's day
Damn, I can feel it
I can feel it
It's standing
right next to me
The pain
and the time is right
To let it wash over me
Uh, the spirit of a champion
I gotta let
this ship run free.
That's your report card?
Let me see that.
No, no, no, Coach, look...
he did pass.
He got a 72 in Algebra.
Gary, you change the grade
on that paper?
Nah, Coach.
That's the grade I got.
Did someone else change
the grade on that paper?
Coach, that's my grade.
Nobody changed nothing.
Why the hell are they saying
you failed, then?
the UIL received
an anonymous letter saying
he was ineligible.
That's bullshit.
He passed, goddamn it.
Yeah, this is he.
I see.
All right.
Thank you.
Who was your algebra teacher?
Mr. Bates at first.
Then I transferred
to Dr. Abby's class.
Freddie, you need
to eat something.
They gonna try their best
to make sure we don't play.
Can they really do that
if he's passed the class?
They're conducting
an investigation,
whatever that means.
Baby, you always taught
that defense does what?
Defense does what?
Wins championships.
I don't think I heard that
loud enough.
Defense does what?
Wins championships!
And as long as they're
investigating, it ain't over.
That fat lady ain't sang yet.
Now, you go on out there
and you defend your boys
and you win us state.
You hear me?
- You guys just hear?
- No comment.
It was nearly an hour
after the ruling
by the commissioner in Austin
that the official word reached
Carter High School.
Excuse me. Excuse me.
Would you mind, uh,
giving a statement
on the mood here at Carter High?
It's crazy how even in 1988
racism still exists.
So you think
this has something to do
with the school
being predominantly black?
I bet you if this school
was mostly white,
none of this stuff
would even be happening.
Well, if he didn't pass
the class...
How you know he failed?
So far, those are the reports
that we've been receiving.
Well, as far as I know,
he passed.
And those are the reports
we've been receiving.
Well, there you have it.
Carter has, in fact,
been forced to forfeit
their final three games
due to an ineligible player.
That puts Carter out
of the play-offs
and South Grand Prairie in.
They done it to us, and
it's the worst way to go out.
Always been told if they
can't beat you on the field,
they want to beat you
in the classes, so...
They can't do...
They wrong about it.
I mean,
how can they do it the day
before the game?
That's what I don't understand.
So what am I supposed
to tell my boys?
You say he passed.
Here's a report card shows
he passed.
But the UIL say he failed.
Well, after the UIL got
its mysterious phone call...
- I thought it was a letter. -In
the beginning, it was a letter.
Then it was a phone call.
Whatever. Whatever it-it was,
after that,
Bates' records came through.
Didn't he transfer out
of Bates' class?
Yeah. But then his records
transferred with him.
So, um...
so Abby has a 72.
The UIL has a 68.
And what does Bates have to say
about all this?
- I said no comment!
- But, Mr. Bates...
- But is it true you alerted
the UIL... -No, I have...
- I said I have no c...
- But, Mr. Bates, don't you worry
about your safety? What about
repercussions from the students
- at Carter High? -I am
absolutely not worried about
my safety. These are
wonderful students, and I'm...
Let go of my door!
Mr. Russeau has informed me
that this matter
is being taken up in the court.
the DISD
to foot the entire bill.
And there's a meeting tonight
in the auditorium
to discuss
the options.
According to the, uh,
we're not allowed to practice
until they get this thing
figured out.
So, Coach, what we 'posed to do
if we can't practice?
You stay focused!
You, of all people,
you're a senior!
You stay focused!
And, look here,
don't let this obstacle
make y'all lose sight
of the real goal,
which starts
after you leave here!
Champions this, champions that!
Oh, they throw that word around
nowadays like...
like it ain't no big thing
anymore, like it...
like-like it ain't special!
Well, goddamn it,
I'm tellin' you, it is special!
It is a big thing!
A champion walks onto
this field, and you can feel it!
You can see it!
A true champion
is a champion in the heart.
And that's something.
That's something that nobody
can ever
take away from you.
That's something...
that only you
can give away.
Okay, okay, okay. Listen.
I understand
everyone's frustration.
But at this point,
we're simply waiting
for the district
to give us the go-ahead.
Look, all I know
is that these young boys
should not be punished
for some grown man mistakes.
And as parents, we should
make sure that doesn't happen.
Well, you know what, no matter
wherever the blame lies,
there is not a child
at Carter High School
that is responsible
for what happened.
Nevertheless, it's the children
at Carter who are being punished
by DISD's failure to do
what we pay them taxes to do.
Okay, whoa, whoa.
DISD is dropping the ball.
But we're here tonight because
we need to take legal action.
And the sooner we get a
restraining order motion filed,
we can start
with the proceedings.
Oh, so, what,
you need some money? Hmm.
I mean, so what is our guarantee
that this legal stuff
- is gonna work anyway?
- Right.
The only guarantee I can give
you is that my staff and I
will fight as hard
in the courtroom as those boys
fight out on the field.
That's the only guarantee
that I can give.
This is my community, too.
And believe you me,
it's not about the money.
It's about those boys,
those young men right there,
knowing that their hard work
wasn't in vain.
And them knowing
that they have a village
that will come to their aid
no matter what.
That's what this is about.
So all those in favor
of seeking
a temporary restraining order
that would possibly allow
Carter to remain
in the play-offs,
stand up.
And for the record,
UIL stands for?
University Interscholastic
And what exactly do you do
for the UIL, Mr. Winston?
I investigate complaints related
to the No Pass No Play law
in DISD.
Okay. So is it fair to say
that you received a complaint
regarding Carter High School?
That's correct.
And when did you receive
this complaint, Mr. Winston?
At the end of the six weeks.
Hmm. Well, if I am, uh,
I believe that Carter
was declared ineligible
about four or five days
after the end of the six weeks.
So, four or five days,
Mr. Winston?
Yes, I'm...
I believe that's correct.
Hmm. And where...
No, who did this complaint
come from, Mr. Winston?
Mr. Winston.
Uh, well, sir, we, uh...
we normally
don't reveal the source
of our complaints.
Oh, "normally."
Will you tell that
to the Carter community and
all these Carter kids who are
- Your Honor, I object. -being
affected by your hasty decision
- to disqualify their school?
That's far -Counsel...
- from normal circumstances, sir.
Your Honor, we have -Counsel...
reason to believe
that the source may be the same
- individual that we attempted
- Counsel,
- to subpoena but was assured
- I advise you
- by the UIL and
- to settle down
- other investigative authorities
- before I hold you in contempt
- that that would not be
necessary. -of this court.
- And furthermore, Your Honor...
- Counsel!
How you ain't see all this
with them big-ass glasses
you got on?
No. But I did see
Attention, faculty and students.
I've just been informed
by the Dallas superintendant
that our football team has been
reinstated into the play-offs!
So congratulations to
our football team and good luck
in the play-offs.
Hey, CC!
Too bad, too bold!
Hey, CC!
Too bad, too bold!
Hey, CC!
Too bad, too bold!
Hey, CC!
Too bad, too bold! Hey!
Well, I have
just confirmed that Carter has,
in fact, been reinstated
in the play-offs.
Apparently, the UIL received
some kind of anonymous letter
to recheck one
of the students' algebra grade.
He actually passed the class
on his report card, but there
was supposedly some kind
- of miscalculation due to him
transferring -Yes!
- From one class to another.
- Yes! Whoo!
- As of now, Carter -That's
what I'm talking about, baby.
Will be marching on
in the play-offs.
Play-off bound, play-off bound.
Since the reports
are conflicting,
that, uh, at this point,
uh, we need to turn the, uh,
investigation over
for a hearing, that is.
Not an investigation
but a hearing,
uh, to the executive commission
in Austin.
And until that's resolved,
Carter High School
will retain their position
as a contender in the state, uh,
uh, tournament tonight.
Our Father which art in heaven,
Hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come,
Thy will be done
on earth, as it is in heaven.
Give us this day
our daily bread.
And forgive us our debts,
as we forgive our debtors.
And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil:
For thine is the kingdom,
the power,
the glory, for ever. Amen!
Edwards takes
the pitch around the right end.
He's inside the five-yard line.
Touchdown, Cowboys.
A spectacular flip into the end
zone. Hall under center
for the Cowboys. A little play
action. He's looking down
the right sideline. He's
got a man open. It's Grant.
He's to the ten, the five.
Touchdown, Cowboys.
- A rocket goin' on.
- Wildcats deep
in their own territory.
Quarterback number 12
back to pass.
He rolls around the right end.
He's looking downfield and...
- It's picked off!
- Oh, got it!
That's number two, Edwards.
Ooh, that's a mattress, baby.
That's a mattress.
- Oh, money gone, baby.
Money gone. -Aw.
Come on. Get that,
get that, get that.
I'm gonna ask y'all
one more time.
Was it worth it?
Weren't even doin' nothin'!
We just threw dice!
Nah, you was Gamblin'.
And Gamblin'
don't build character.
Gamblin' makes you rely
on luck or chance.
Football ain't about relyin'
on luck or chance.
Football is about making
good decisions,
good choices
on every single play.
Now, if you can't learn that
and apply it to your life,
you're wasting my time
and your time.
Why you think we have a tie
on our record?
we had the same score
as others...
as the other team.
Oh, no. No.
The choices we made.
Like you, Derric.
You saw fit to hit a man
when he was five yards
out of bounds
And give them
excellent field position.
Or you, Jay.
When you chose to try
to pick up a fumble
instead of falling on it
like we practice all the time.
And you, son. You make
a good play and then decide
to celebrate for 15 minutes.
That is what a tie is.
All we need you to do
is sign the affidavit.
Look, Mr. Winston, this...
this was not my intention.
I-I simply confided in a friend
about a conversation
that I had with my boss.
Right. And that conversation led
to an investigation,
- which I'm trying to conduct.
- An investigation?!
You had the school disqualified!
What difference
does that make to you?!
Now... you can...
sign the affidavit,
or I'll subpoena your ass
to testify!
Your choice.
Okay, we, uh...
we're waiting on a phone call.
So, uh, let's, uh...
All right,
everybody off the school bus.
As of now,
we've been declared...
ineligible again.
And we're waiting
on a phone call to...
to see exactly what's going on.
just hang out.
Stay loose.
What's going on?
I thought we were checking out
and going to the game.
They just declared Carter High
ineligible again.
You're kidding me, right?
I advise you to put
that coffee down and help us
- prepare these motions.
- But the judge already ruled.
Against the UIL.
It's from the T.E.A.
That's got to be, like,
double jeopardy or something.
All right, folks,
we have exactly 45 minutes
before the courts close...
It's gonna take us at least
that amount of time
to make it through traffic.
We're gonna need
at least three motions.
And honestly, guys...
I don't know what to expect
when we get there.
You mean if we get there.
It's kind of hard to fight
when you can't even
identify your enemy.
So we're gonna...
we're gonna prepare
a bullet for all their asses.
All right.
We're back in.
A judge issued
a temporary restraining order
that will allow us to play.
the game is rescheduled
till tomorrow.
So go home.
And stay out of trouble.
I'm heading to Austin
for the hearing.
But tomorrow is it.
We don't even get to practice
'cause they keep kicking us out.
Now they want to reschedule
the game till tomorrow?
Listen, you have
every right to be upset.
Man, come on, Coach.
Tomorrow night there's gonna be
some people across the field
you can take
that frustration out on.
Especially that quarterback.
I thought everything
was taken care of.
What's going on now?
This is what you call
political football.
So what's the adjustments?
I guess the adjustment is,
don't give them nothing
they can use against you.
Or better yet,
stay out of politics.
The hardest thing
is not knowing
if we'll be playing or not.
Now, I hate they have
to go through this.
You think the boys
gonna be okay?
You know...
on that field...
they have this
certain intensity in their eyes
that I've never seen before.
I mean, it's like they're,
they're really locked in,
I mean, as long as they're
on that field, baby,
I mean, they're so good
it makes me nervous.
They'll beat the Dallas Cowboys
the way they're playing.
- Give me some! Give me...
- I heard that!
Give me...
Hit me again! Hit me!
Okay, Coach!
Good to see you smiling again.
Man, feel
the atmosphere tonight.
Everybody's ready.
I'm ready, I'm ready.
You ready?
Round two of the Texas State UIL
Football Play-offs
with the Carter Cowboys
taking on
their cross-county rival
Dallas Samuell.
It looks to be
a good one tonight.
Cowboys inside
the ten-yard line,
lined up in the, uh,
wishbone formation.
Give is to Edwards
up the middle.
He's pushing his way through.
He hits a wall
at the five-yard line,
but he breaks free...
Touchdown, Cowboys!
His feet never stopped moving.
Edwards just powered
his way through.
It looked like he was,
he was down at the five,
but he kept fighting his way,
busting through
and touchdown, Cowboys.
This crowd is
behind this Cowboy defense here
as they're looking for a stop.
Hold that line, defense,
hold that line!
Hold that line,
defense, hold that line!
Samuell quarterback
under center.
He looks.
He looks out to the flats.
The ball's hit by Maston
and finds the hands of Armstead!
Armstead is down the sidelines,
and he's gonna take it
all the way.
Tipped by Maston,
intercepted by Armstead
like a thief in the night.
Sweet Jesus, that boy can jump!
And touchdown,
Cowboys, Jessie Armstead!
Armstead has
been the man on this defense
all year long.
- CC!
- CC! CC!
Carter! Carter!
Carter! Carter! Carter!
Carter! Carter!
Carter! Carter! Carter!
Carter! Carter!
Carter! Carter! Carter!
Carter! Carter!
Carter! Carter...
All right, we ready?
What's, what's the holdup?
I don't know.
Lift every voice
And sing
Till earth and heaven ring
Ring with the harmony
Of liberty
Let all rejoicing rise
High as the listening skies
Let us march on
Till victory is won.
You got a letter
from Notre Dame.
It upsets me to see you
go through all this.
'Cause in my eyes...
you're still my little baby boy.
How's Gary doing?
Jungle boogie
More bounce
Jungle boogie
More bounce
Relax your mind, let your...
I know this is hard for you,
because it's hard
for me and your father.
But we're both here
if you need anything.
I keep thinking
I'm gonna wake up
and it's all just
gonna be a nightmare.
Everything happens
for a reason, baby.
Come on, let's get
something to eat.
Mike Adams reporting.
And now for the latest news
on Carter High School's
road in the play-offs.
The Carter Cowboys
are winning on the field,
but will soon have to win
in the courtroom again.
Plano Independent School
District has entered
into a lawsuit on the side
of the Texas Education Agency.
Plano East would advance
if Carter High
is declared ineligible.
Go, go, Cowboys, play!
Go, Cowboys, go...
It's the quarter final game,
and Carter takes on Marshall.
It's gonna be their biggest
challenge of the year.
Hall under center, play action.
Looking down the left sidelines.
He's got Grant.
And it's caught!
Laid that ball
in his arms like a daddy
laying his son down for a nap.
Okay, here we go.
It's fourth down for Marshall.
And this could be
their final play of the season.
Quarterback drops back.
He's looking down.
He's got Odell Beckham
and it's caught!
Lord have mercy!
Touchdown, Marshall,
and the tide has just changed.
After a big return by Grant,
the, uh, Cowboys' backs
are against the wall.
After three unsuccessful tries,
they're facing fourth down
with under 30 seconds to go,
trailing 18 to 14.
Okay, Cowboy fans,
it all comes down to this.
It's fourth down.
Hall back to pass.
He's got Allen
across the middle!
Allen's to the sidelines.
He's down the left sidelines
and he could go all the way...
Is he in?
Waiting on the call
from the refs!
- He's in! He's in!
- Yes!
And he's gonna be ruled out,
just shy of the goal line.
Time-out, ref!
Come on, bring it in!
Everybody, bring it in!
Way to go!
Coach, I'll catch it.
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, baby.
You sure will.
And look.
Regardless of what happens
on this next play,
we had a hell of a season.
A great season!
But you know what?
We've always had a great season!
So right now we all
got a choice to make!
I want y'all to know
there's this little thing
called, uh, destiny.
And you don't get it by, like,
sitting around, waiting for it.
It doesn't come to you
by chance!
It's a matter of choice!
It's something
you got to go out and get!
So what you waiting for?
Go on and get it.
What is this?
Armstead is running
onto the field.
Armstead is
lined up at tight end.
Hall back to pass and catches
Armstead across the middle!
Touchdown, Cowboys!
They've done it again!
Jessie Armstead,
All-American linebacker,
checks in at tight end.
Hall drops back,
runs a little tight end dump.
And the Cowboys are on their way
to the semifinals.
A district judge has blocked
the Texas Education Agency
from determining
Carter's eligibility.
He's also stopped the UIL
from knocking Carter
out of the play-offs.
That should be a lot for a team
that, since the beginning
of the play-offs,
has not known
if they are in or out.
And we're live
from Darrell K. Royal Memorial
Stadium in Austin, Texas,
for this state 5A semifinal game
between the Odessa
Permian Panthers
and the Carter Cowboys.
You know,
I heard from a little birdie
that Odessa was trying
to persuade Coach James
to play this game in Odessa.
Hall spins away from a tackle.
He's got Jones
down the left sidelines.
And Jones scampers
into the end zone.
Sweet feet.
Touchdown, Cowboys.
And it's blocked.
Oh, he blocked it.
And there's
a scramble for the ball.
Get it! Somebody jump on it.
And it's gonna be Panther ball.
Cowboys inside the red zone.
Hall looks across the middle,
and he's got Grant.
Touchdown, Cowboys!
Carter Cowboys on their way
to their first ever
state championship.
After a 14-to-9 victory
over 5A powerhouse
Odessa Permian,
the Cowboys are moving
into the state championship
to face Converse Judson.
A lot of things...
have been out...
of our control...
but we got...
the opportunity...
to choose...
what happens...
from this point on.
All right, fellas.
This is it.
For us seniors,
it's our last chance.
Last opportunity.
Like Coach James said,
we worked hard for this.
We earned this.
This is ours, not theirs!
Let's go get what belong to us.
Damn the T.E.A.
Damn the UIL.
And damn them fools
across the field from us.
Hell yeah!
'Cause tonight is our time.
Fuh Dee-oh
Fuh Dee hoes
Fuh Dee-oh...
Fuh Dee-oh
Fuh Dee-oh...
Fuh Dee-oh
Fuh Dee hoe...
Fuh Dee hoe
Fuh Dee hoe...
Hey, hey, hey, cut that out!
I found out what
y'all been saying.
That's enough of that.
You done got me as
an accomplice in this nonsense.
Everybody in Dallas
yelling that mess.
You knew what the hell
they was saying.
Man, "red dogs" on three.
One, two, three.
Red dogs!
I'm back in this bitch
with a vengeance
And no, I'm not
here by mistake
I'm hungry,
I'm just here to eat
And I see it's
a lot on the plate...
Carter Cowboys
are the state 5A champions.
State champs, baby.
A Dallas team has not won
the state championship
since 1950.
Feeling proud right about now.
'Cause we-we went through
some hard times to get here.
Feeling proud.
We knew if we kept playing
football that we would be here,
but we didn't know
about all the UIL stuff.
That's the only thing that's
kept us out of here is UIL.
And now we're here,
and we did it.
Thinking about it,
having fun and...
I'm ready to just jump off
the top of the building,
hang from up there right quick.
CC, too bad, too bold
CC, too bad, too bold
CC, too bad, too bold
- Oh...
- Hey.
All right, all right,
all right, all right.
I just want to say...
just want to say this.
As that clock was counting down,
I realized...
what I wanted...
out of coaching
after all these years.
This championship means a lot.
But what I want...
what I need...
is for you all to leave here...
and be successful.
Be successful in every
endeavor of your lives.
Now listen to me, boys.
This is not the end.
This is just a beginning.
And I want to...
I want to thank you...
from the bottom of my heart.
So, "champions" on three.
One, two...
Whoa, whoa-whoa, Coach.
Come on in.
No, come on in.
Come on in.
Come on in here.
Come on in here.
Thank you.
Thank you. Thank you.
Listen. Listen, boys.
This gentleman...
this gentleman right here...
fought for us...
in the courtrooms...
so we could continue
to fight on the field.
you're fighting
for what's right.
There's a goal of team sports,
and you all have
accomplished that goal.
To see so many young men
face and overcome the adversity
that you all have
is nothing short of a miracle.
You all have made
so many people proud.
Including myself.
- Yeah. Yeah!
- Right.
Carter High, thank you
for a hell of a season.
A hell of a season!
Whoa, hold on, hold on now.
Hold on.
I would like to say
on behalf of Carter High
and the Carter High football
team, thank you, okay?
And from one great defense
to another defense,
I would like to present you
with the game ball.
Oh, oh, no, no,
you got to join us.
- Come on, Royce.
- Come on in here now.
"Champions" on three!
One, two, three, champions!
CC, too bad, too bold
Oh, CC
Too bad, too bold
CC, too bad, too bold
CC, too bad, too bold
Oh, CC
Too bad, too bold
CC, too bad, too bold...
Man, you heard from Jay?
Oh, I hollered at him
day before yesterday.
You know he been busy
with school and shit.
But he said he gonna catch up
with us after graduation.
Tweedledee, Tweedledum...
Man, you sure
Vincent's still here?
Yeah, here that fool
come right now.
Crazy fool.
- What up, D?
- What up?
'Sup, baby?
Man, I know one of y'all finna
get out of the car
and get this food.
- Man...
- You gonna take our order?
- You paying?
- Paying?
Exactly. Get out the car
and get the food, man.
Hollywood D.
- Ooh!
- Ungrateful ass, man.
Oh. Season over with, fellas,
so this, uh, fringe benefit
stuff gonna have to cease.
You know
we appreciate you, dawg.
Friend benefits,
that's the difference.
- Whatever, man, same thing.
- Trying to tell you.
I be trying to tell him, G,
he don't listen, though.
Last time we got busy,
your body got numb
And now you're beatin'
like a big bass drum
You're in position.
Can y'all believe we
actually won state, though?
Bam. Look, loc, you gonna
have to hold up, a'ight?
'Cause you messing up
my concentration.
They still treat me like
a celebrity up there, Jay.
Ah, for real?
Man, will y'all please shut up.
He actually got robbed
the other day.
They took money from everybody
up there except me.
Oh, for real?
I see you're on
that pool table again.
Dinner's almost ready.
- And you're welcome to stay.
- Oh, okay.
- Thank-Thanks, Ms. Campbell.
- Thank you, Ms. Campbell.
Uh, s-say, Mama, you, uh,
you got $20 I can borrow?
- Boy, what did you do with
your allowance? -
Shut up.
You done.
No, I-I got some notes...
Cash only, homeboy.
None of them pink passes.
Shit, I can take
a couple of those, man.
Your ass got some money?
I mean, not right now.
What I thought. Yeah.
I got robbed and got more money
than both of y'all.
Yeah, whatever, PK.
Say, man, is y'all
hiring up there?
Man, I doubt it.
We got enough fools up there
getting paid to do nothing, man.
But I can hook y'all up, though.
Man, dawg, somebody gonna
blast your ass for real,
you keep running around
with that little toy.
This toy can get your ass paid.
Hey, man, PK, you're
crazy, man, for real.
Say, you... you talking
about robbing?
Oh, "kinda"?
It'd be robbing me.
Well, I mean, not robbing me.
You robbing the store.
Man, hell no, PK.
That shit's stupid, man.
That shit dumb, man.
Nah, man.
Nah, you stupid, dawg, for real.
And I'm telling you
this shit's easy.
Two to three minutes, in, out.
More bounce
Jungle boogie
More bounce
Jungle boogie
More bounce
Jungle boogie
More bounce
Relax your mind,
let your conscience be free
And get down
to the sounds of EPMD
Well, you should keep quiet
while the MC rap
But if you tired,
then go take a nap
Or stay awake and watch
the show I take
Because right now,
I'm about to shake and bake
The E-R-I-C-K
is my name I spell
Thanks to the clientele,
yo, I rock well
I'm not an MC
who talking all that junk
About who can beat who,
sounding like a punk
I just get down,
and I go for mine
Say "check one, two,"
and run down the line
To the average MC
I'm known as the Terminator
Funky beat maker,
new jack exterminator
Destroy and employ
When your rhymes
are not void
Never sweatin'
your girl... why, P?
'Cause she's a skeezoid
When I'm on the scene
I always rock the spot
I grab the steel
with the crown on top.
Get your ass back in there
and don't say a word.
Hey, man, PK, chill out
before they find out
you in on this, man.
What you doing?
What's up with the pantyhose?
I told y'all to wear
stocking caps, man.
Hey, PK. For real, man.
This is your bright-ass idea
- Okay, okay, okay, okay.
- You owe us, man.
- For real, man, come on.
- Okay.
Y'all sure is takin' a long time
gettin' this place cleaned up.
Maybe if we had a little help...
Any time the manager leave, you
act like you can't do nothing.
But eat them damn fries.
Nigga, you ain't nothing
but a shift manager.
- Which means...
- Get your hands up.
When the manager's gone,
I'm in charge.
As a matter of fact,
since day one...
Day one...
You've been fucking up.
Everybody get your ass
on the goddamn ground!
You, too, man, get on the floor.
Uh-uh, uh-uh. You.
You get your ass up, big boy.
Uh... uh...
Uh... ooh...
I... I'm...
I'm just... uh... uh...
- In charge?
- Yep.
Shut up.
I'm just, I'm just
a shift manager.
Yeah. Yeah, right.
Now shift your ass over there
and put the money
in the goddamn bag!
Come on, hurry up!
Come on, big boy.
Yeah, all of that, too.
Come on.
Come on!
And then that, too. Come on.
Come on, big boy.
- Get your fat ass to the ground!
- Ah!
- Don't y'all move.
- Come on.
The Carter Cowboys
won the state championship
a month ago, and you could've
held a convention
on the sideline of
the Cowboys' practice field.
That's where recruiting
coordinators gathered daily
to catch a glimpse of the team
that could produce more recruits
than any other team
in the state of Texas,
maybe even the nation.
This year's Carter team
appears ready to climb
the ladder of success.
That leaves only one thing
left to say:
this is a class by itself.
I told y'all.
Just like clockwork.
Man, Keith,
how long you been working here?
About a week.
So y'all go ahead,
get suited up.
Say, PK:
give that toy to Los.
Run with this.
Man, this real?
Don't worry,
it ain't even loaded.
Hey, man, for real.
All y'all, this the last time,
all right?
- -Y'all taking this
shit way too far, man.
All right, nigga.
Get in.
Get back in, jet.
Go on. Go, go.
Go on. Go on.
That chick there a starter
Brewster go to Carter
She gon' let me get it
- Soon as she drop off her
daughter... -Damn, fellas!
Ooh, look like y'all had
a nice Christmas, huh?
Yeah. It was a'ight.
Excuse me, Derric.
You mind if I wear your jacket
till last period?
I'm a little cold.
I ain't even trippin', baby.
- Thanks.
- Mm-hmm.
Oh, I was just, uh,
admiring the jacket.
Is that all?
And I was wondering
if there was any more
room for me
in those jeans.
It's like that?
Must be the shoes.
Girl... ah... I want to...
Hey, I just want to know,
is there any room for me
in these jeans?
And I was wondering if you
ever heard of a peppermint.
Say, dawg, I guess it ain't
the shoes, then, huh?
Hey, I-it's all good, dawg.
Real talk, man.
All right, then, dawg.
Breath mint, dawg?
"Nice Christmas"?
What you mean,
"nice Christmas," dawg?
Man, what you talkin' about?
Thought you knew, brah.
Knew what?
I lay me down to sleep
I just can't find a beat
Flash light
Oh, I will never dance
Flash light
Flash light
Flash light
Bah-dah-dah, ah-dah-dah-dah
Oh, it's no use
Flash light
Red light
Neon light
Ooh, stop light
Now I lay me down to sleep
I guess I'll go
Count the sheep
Oh, but I will never dance
Oh, don't make me do it
Dance, sucker
Ooh, ha-ha, get him...
No less than 18
Carter football players
are headed to four-year colleges
or universities
on full scholarships.
Just one more area
where no other high school
can beat Carter.
I almost... I almost got you.
You couldn't keep up, boy.
- Nah, man.
- You couldn't keep up.
I ain't gonna never let
no old man get me.
Who you calling "old"?
- Come on, baby.
- Come on, I still got it.
- Shoot.
- Old man, old truck.
That's what you think.
- That was a damn good workout.
- Pretty sweet.
You know why we come out here?
Not only does it make us
better athletes,
but it makes us better men.
Now, you made your choice
when you decided to
suit up and play
for the Carter Cowboys.
I don't know.
I guess what I'm saying is...
Hold on. Come on. Whoa.
If you didn't have football...
what would you be doing?
Get in the truck.
You want the receipt in the bag
or with... All right.
Thank you. Have a nice day.
Got another quarter?
You scared the hell
out of me, brah.
So what's up?
My-my manager still
out there, dawg.
- Thought you said he's supposed
to be gone. -Shit, he is.
This nigga out there playing
goddamn Ms. Pac-Man, brah.
You said this was
gonna be easy, dawg.
How long you think
he finna be here?
You don't know.
I don't know.
Walk in, get the money,
then we good.
- G...
- That's what you said, D.
G, if Keith and them
can do this shit, I know we can.
Whatever, dawg.
Vincent, go on,
get behind the counter,
let's do what we gotta do.
Y'all sure about this?
Yes, I'm sure.
All you gotta do
is go up to Vincent
and get the money.
I'm-a take care of the manager.
You in or you out?
Nigga, give me all the money!
Get your punk ass on the ground.
You, too, bitch.
Get on the ground.
- Get on the ground!
- Hurry up!
"Just one more game."
- Save that shit for later.
- "This is it,
- the last..."
- Shut the fuck up.
Get your ass on the ground!
Come on.
Man, you niggas done
lost y'all damn mind.
Jay, I'm telling you, dawg,
it's easy.
Ain't like we really
robbing the place anyway.
All we gonna do is walk in,
get the money, and we...
Man, I'm still on probation
for a $15 T-shirt.
My teacher'd kick my ass.
I made a promise, dawg.
Not to mention my old man.
Hell no.
It's like being back
on the field, dawg.
It's a trip.
We walked into this one place,
and the chick at the register,
- she knew us, right?
- Fine, too.
So I asked her,
"What would you do
if we was gonna rob this place?"
Shit. She said,
"Give you all the money
"and anything else you wanted.
So D said,
Well, we robbin' it, baby.
Then wrote her phone number
on one of the bills.
Just like that?
- Just like that.
- Just like that.
It's nothing.
- Ah...
- What's up, fellas?
Where your big-ass bifocals at?
It's nighttime.
They're called "contact lenses."
They kind of work like glasses.
I will miss this fool.
For real.
I'm gonna miss you, dawg.
Got your ropes and everything.
A'ight, dawg.
A'ight, G.
Take it easy, dawg.
Ropes and chains...
What you gettin' into tonight?
- Yeah.
- Uh, chillin'.
- Got a 9:00 to 5:00
in the morning. -Oh.
So, uh, tell your girlfriend
- we can't kick it tonight.
- Ooh!
- -Boy, I'll spur you
in the back of your head.
- A'ight.
- A'ight, man.
Oh, man...
Look, straight up:
what you gonna do?
Barbecue or mildew?
Do you know you can ask
your mama for money whenever?
- Shit, you, too, G.
- But you think I'm finna
go to my mom's to ask for money
to shake you niggas up
in a dice game?
- Ha!
- OPM, dawgs.
Jay, look.
It's probably gonna be
the last one.
Is you in or you out?
Last one...
Damn, how many has it been?
Asking too many questions,
huh, my boy?
Meet me at 1:00 if you're down.
It's barbecue or mildew,
big boy!
- 1:00.
- Let's ride, G.
Come in.
Hey, how you doing, son?
I'm all right.
I was, uh,
I was driving by
and I saw your truck, so, um,
I thought I'd stop by
and check on you.
Yeah, well, relax.
You didn't stop by to apologize
for something, did you?
No, sir.
I guess you're
a little nervous
about going off to school.
You're gonna be okay.
You've made a good choice.
You couldn't
stay here forever, son.
You just remember
everything you learned.
And make room
to learn more.
And stay humble.
Stay humble inside.
Appreciate it, Coach.
And, uh,
by the way,
they say we're gonna have
a better team next year.
We'll see.
All right, you kids get
to bed, I'll get the story
Now, here's a little story
that needs to be heard
Word, word, word, Rick
Y'all tucked in...
Where laws were stern
and justice stood
And people were behavin'
like they ought to... good...
Hey, Derric, Gary!
Misled by another little boy,
and this is what he said
Me and you, Ty,
we gonna make some cash
Robbin' old folks
and makin' the dash
They did the job,
money came with ease
But one couldn't stop,
it's like he had a disease
He robbed another and another
and a sister and a brother...
Hey, hey, Coach?
I got it.
I got it.
Your defense is your offense.
Now, a good defense
leads to an easy offense,
which puts the offense
in a better position.
It's, um,
it's a mindset, Coach.
"As a man thinketh in his heart,
so is he."
You can only defend
something that you
already possess.
So the more
the team believes
they're already champions,
they have already
won in their mind.
And now have something
to defend.
defense wins championships.
Sirens sounded,
he seemed astounded
And before long,
the little boy got surrounded
He dropped his gun,
so went the glory
And this is the way
I have to end this story
He was only 17
in a madman's dream
The cops shot the kid,
I still hear him scream
This ain't funny,
so don't you dare laugh
Just another case
about the wrong path
Straight and narrow
or your soul gets cast
Good night, good night,
good night
Knock 'em out the box, Rick,
knock 'em out, Rick
Oh, boy, that Uncle Ricky
is really weird
Knock 'em out the box, Rick,
knock 'em out, Rick
I know, right,
what does he mean
Straight and narrow
or your soul gets cast?
I don't know, I think he be
crackin' up or something...
Driver's license and insurance.
Nah, man, I'm just trippin'.
Be advised, suspects are armed.
Stand by for description.
Hey, why don't you
do me a favor?
Will y'all sign this
for me, please?
- Absolutely, yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
Suspects in the video store
are two black males
- about 17 or 18 years old. -You
got, you have a pen on you, sir?
Oh, sorry about that.
Here you go.
One is about six-two
or six-three...
Carter High School, State Champ!
Other suspect is stocky
and about five-nine...
Now, you're going
to Tennessee, right?
Yes, sir, the Vols.
Suspects are armed and...
And you're going to U of H?
Oh, yes, sir.
- All right, ah...
- Yes, sir.
The suspects were last seen
heading westbound...
Hey, I'll be looking
out for y'all, all right?
- I'm so proud of you.
- Thank you.
- And proud of the neighborhood.
- Yes, sir.
- Appreciate that, sir.
- We all proud of you.
Yes, sir.
Y'all have a good one, okay?
- Yes, sir, thanks.
- You, too.
Suspects were driving
an '87 or'88
candy-apple-red Corvette,
no plate at this time.
See, we can never
Stay strong
- Strong
- Stay strong
It's never you
- So if I am hurting
- Stay strong
Stay strong
We here, we in here
We salute, we salute
So hard, so hard
Oh, hard
We come
So far
Baby, the night's so cold...
This was gonna be the last one.
In a room so dark
And the light is so...
And they're both pregnant.
You made bail.
Believe me,
I'm not saying that the boys
are not guilty of something.
I just want to make sure
that you know
that these are not your typical
aggravated robberies.
Royce, I understand
that boys will be boys.
And you know
you're much better suited
to decide their fate
than some emotional jury.
The rule of law affects
not only those involved,
but those who observe.
Come on, Joe.
You know, we both
know the rules of law.
I just want to make sure that
if my request for probation
is nowhere close
to where you're leaning,
just give me an opportunity
to prepare my client.
That's all I'm asking you, Joe.
Fair enough.
If they ring this doorbell
one more time...
Do they not have
any consideration...?
I got it, baby, I got it.
I got it, I got it.
All right.
Coach James?
Have any of your players
told why...?
If you press my doorbell
one more time
and disturb my wife,
I promise you that will be the
last microphone you ever hold.
Today here in my courtroom,
you are nothing more than
a bunch of common criminals.
Criminals that went out
and pulled guns
on innocent,
hard-working citizens.
You terrified them.
You took their money.
And you did this because
it was simply an easier way
to obtain money
than to actually go out
and work for it.
And even though you never
shot or killed anyone,
as defendants before this court,
you communitively have committed
in the last six months
more armed robberies
than Bonnie and Clyde did
in their entire life.
When I call your name,
would you please stand?
Mr. Evans.
Son, when it comes
to violating the law,
it simply doesn't matter
that you can run a football
down the field.
And for the robberies
you committed,
I sentence you
to four 20-year terms
- in the State...
- What? No!
- in the State Department
of Corrections, -No! No!
All to be served concurrently!
Order in the courtroom!
Order in this courtroom!
That's too much!
I will have order.
- You don't do that!
- Order in the courtroom!
- No! That's my baby!
- Order in this courtroom.
No! That's not fair!
Order, please,
ladies and gentlemen.
- Order in the court.
- That is not justice,
to take our babies away!
Mr. Edwards,
would you stand, please?
For the robberies you have
committed, I sentence you
to three 16-year terms in the
State Department of Corrections,
all to be served concurrently.
You may be seated.
You may be seated.
Mr. Campbell...
Jessie, do you have a statement?
Do you have anything
that you can tell us?
Son, I believe
you have some serious
psychopathic tendencies,
and, frankly, you scare me.
And for that reason,
I am sentencing you
to four 25-year terms
in the State Department
of Corrections,
all to be served concurrently.
Be seated.
Mr. Allen,
for the robberies
you have committed,
I sentence you
to three 13-year terms
in the State Department
of Corrections,
to be served concurrently.
Be seated.
Mr. Williams.
For the robberies you committed,
I sentence you
to three 14-year terms...
in the State
Department of Corrections,
all to be served concurrently.
Oh, Lord
Sometimes you can
trust nobody
And it's hard
To understand
The people
that you love the most
Will knock you
where you stand
So you do all you can
To take away the pain
Cover it up when all
the world has to offer
Until all you feel is shame
But you know I'm...
I'm holding on
To God's good grace
But you know I'm...
I'm holding on
To God's good grace
Oh, yeah
Folks will turn
their backs on you...
Some who were better able
to control their emotions...
And they'll kick you
when you're down
Make you feel
like the sun won't shine
Until you're not around
So you do all you can
reactions to
the prison... -
To hide away the fear
You cover it up when all
the good time can bring you
Until you disappear
But you know I'm...
I'm holding on
To God's good grace
But you know I'm...
I'm holding on
To God's good grace
I'm holding on
To God's good grace
You know I'm...
I'm holding on
To God's good grace
And no matter...
No matter what
I'm going through
I know
No matter how lost I get
I know
I know...
I am... somebody.
Tone. Tone. Rhymefest.
I could give them the codes
To every lock
They still wouldn't
figure me out
I could turn myself in
Run to the cops
They still wouldn't
shut me down
I'm a mastermind...
I ain't who they said I was
I kept messing up
'cause I was scared I was
The preachers, the teachers,
the cops, they all got to me
I was the leader in the crowd
pretending not to be
You ever feel or ever felt
like we've been
More conditioned,
poor positioned
Poor people make
poor decisions
You ain't who
you thought you was
You're who you're taught
you was, hood brought us up
Till the cops caught us up
Yeah, they was anxious
to tell us that we ain't shit
People that supposed to help
tell you what you can't get
They tried to tell Malcolm X
to be a carpenter
They even tried to tell Barack
he was a foreigner
They told me my career
was dead, call a coroner
Then we rolled "Glory"
on they ass, I'm a warrior
- We want to give music
- Yeah
- Trauma, we live through it
- Yeah
Don't think the pain and
setbacks is all it is to it...
You know, as time has passed,
I haven't always made
the right decision,
but I have come
to understand that...
one mistake or making
an ill-willed decision
not only affects
that particular person,
but it affects those that
are around him as well.
I can still hear the screams
from the courtroom.
I would never play ball again.
Today when I look back,
I'm proud of where I stand.
But you have a choice:
not to make the same
mistake that I did.
Mama brought... brought...
raised me and my brothers
in church,
and one of the things I knew
that I had to give
my life to Christ
in order for me
to be able to stay out,
in order for there
to be balance,
'cause I was not gonna go back.
Actually, uh, a couple years
ago, I played in the NFL,
and, uh, a lady asked me
to hold her baby, you know?
And her husband was like, "Them
guys you played with at Carter,
they were some criminals,
weren't they?"
I'm like, "They were
identical to me,
and you asked me
to hold your baby."
It wasn't no difference
in me and them.
I just made the right decision
at the right time.
If I would have gotten
in that car that one time,
then I would have got 20 years
in a maximum-security prison.
And they were looking for...
trying to, uh, tie me in
with something like that.
A soda can
Yeah, I walk like Jesus,
Chi's my Bethlehem
When I step in the room,
niggas know to stand
Last year of King's life,
everybody hated him
They assassinated him,
then we celebrated him
Yeah, that's what
them niggas did
- Guess who sold his legacy
- Who?
His fuckin' kids,
they made us choose
Between fame and integrity,
friends or celebrities
Then they flashed 'em in
In black light
to steal your memories
I sold my soul to the
dealership for an Infinity
It didn't last forever,
but it had all the amenities
Don't let the leeches
steal your energy
Come on, gangsta,
that's your inner G
Them niggas ain't your squad,
them is frenemies
We can make the whole world
bow to the symphony.
No jail cell can contain me,
no graveyard can hold me,
no lie can stop me
because I am... somebody.
No chatter, I really matter.
I am... somebody.
Down with it? Can't quit it.
Ain't gonna turn around
'cause I matter.
I am... somebody.
Through it all, let nothing
break your spirit.
Your back, maybe,
but never your spirit.
I am... somebody.
'88 Carter raid.
'88 Carter raid.
'88 Carter raid.
'88 Carter raid.
Back then in '88
Yeah, money,
we flexing our weight
Carter Cowboys,
we never let down
We dinosaurs, we ancient
I sit at the job
on the scene
With a lean that is mean
that'll make Joe Greene leave
- My squad is the best
- Yeah
Gorillas are us
'88 Carter raid,
down, set, hut
Smash on the team,
and we were passionately elite
No need for the nurses,
just bring a couple roses
'Cause Jessie 'bout
to go in deep
And G got his own
and, no, we can't get along
So you from the other side
If you didn't come from...
I mean, act well
I got a chick
with a mean half-step
In a group, they call us
the calicoes
They groove with the band
while the band play
Groove me, baby
Headed off
to that sneak street
For them drag races
and that dice game
PK got the dice flame
And keeping it cool
for the nice dame
We hop in the bus
and Cowboys are us
We come just to bang
We hope there's a nurse,
we hope there's a nurse
We hope there's a nurse
No need to go bus, homie,
stick to your lane
Yeah, you know who done came
in this beesh
Fuh these hoes...
Fuh these hoes
Fuh these hoes...
Fuh these hoes
'88 Carter raid...
'88 Carter raid
'88 Carter raid...
Look, we taking our time
Stepping on the field,
that turf
We stepped on cold,
understand we own it
They want to holla back,
Coach James
Ain't never let us down,
we comin' without a warning
And bein' after,
we gotta hit another lick
'Cause the riches,
they just steady callin'
And hold up,
let me get back on it
Wait a minute.
'88 Carter raid, yeah...
Ain't nobody better than us
Ask Carlos, we got to rock
that blue, that red
And say, huh,
what it is, homie
Nobody get passes,
they're not normal
And see,
our city we all for it
So let's get it on
just like Marvin
'88 Carter raid
'88 Carter raid...
'88 Carter raid
'88 Carter raid...
'88... '88 Carter raid
Listen, I'm from the city of
the T, Cadillacs and Capris
Golds in our mouths,
you don't know about the South
You don't know
about the South
I said I'm from the city of
the T, Cadillacs and Capris
Golds in our mouths,
you don't know about the South
You don't
know about the South
Fuh these hoes...
Fuh these hoes
Fuh these hoes...
'88 Carter raid
'88-'88 raid-raid
'88-'88 Carter raid
Fuh these hoes...
Fuh these hoes
Fuh these hoes...
Fuh these hoes
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